Dawson’s Creek Rewatch Project: S1 E7: Detention

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Does anyone remember when I used to post these episode recaps while rewatching Dawson’s Creek? No? Well, that’s fair because the last one I posted was probably in April of 2016. But I was going through my drafts and saw this one in there and thought maybe I should pick them up again. They were always fun for me and we recently switched from Netflix to Hulu and since Hulu has all of Dawson’s Creek, I though I might as well. It’s also the 20th anniversary of Dawson’s Creek so it seemed like the perfect time to go back to it!

So let’s review where we were. We were only on episode seven and in case you don’t remember, the previous episode had Bessie delivering her baby at Dawson’s house with Grams spouting religious/definitely racist stuff, which was awkward. But I think this is as bad as Grams gets and we start to see her turn around soon into the character we can actually love. We also, surprisingly, see Dawson being very supportive of Joey who is reliving her mother’s suffering during Bessie’s labor. It’s shocking to see him offering actual support and good advice. Also, the school found out about Pacey and Tamara and lots of bad things happened but Pacey came through and told everyone he made it up so Tamara wouldn’t get in trouble. Needless to say, they ended their relationship and she left. So that was good. Now we’re on The Breakfast Club episode. One of my least favorites. Get read for more awkwardness!



Even though this one starts out like normal with a movie night in Dawson’s bedroom and some weird wrestling between them, it does progress into an interesting conversation between Joey and Dawson about attraction. Joey has to point out to Dawson that just like guys are attracted to sexy women (ones with big boobs and blond hair, according to Joey) so can girls be attracted to sexy guys. And that usually includes strong muscles. “It goes both ways, Dawson. It goes both ways.” Of course, Dawson doesn’t love this. But who does? I just love the fact that Joey is talking about these things and making it okay for women to be attracted to sexy dudes and have sexual feelings just like guys.

But then it gets a little ugly after Dawson swears girls are attracted to romance more than anything (because OF COURSE he would know) and Joey gets mean, mentioning that Pacey’s biceps are bigger and that he and Pacey don’t compete over girls because he would lose. (Is this a preview of things to come?!) Also, she wonders if Jen is really attracted to him because she hasn’t yet slept with him. Which is a really low blow to not only Dawson and his sensitive soul but also to Jen and her desire to change from who she was in New York. I really hope Joey and Jen can become friends someday. This girl on girl hate gets really old really fast.

After this, we end up in school the next day and get to watch as each character ends up in detention. Joey get’s detention for attacking two guys in the cafeteria after they acted like jerks during her presentation and continued to talk about concubines and sexual favors and became increasingly inappropriate but because school’s are still sexist and the guys are on some sort of sports team, Joey’s the one who got in trouble for standing up for herself. I say good for Joey for kicking his ass. (Also, do teachers really let students talk like that during some else’s presentation?!)

Pacey and Dawson end up having some sort of testosterone-off in the gym after Pacey tells Jen about Dawson’s Oompa-Loompa nickname and Dawson feels embarrassed. Pacey, of course, beats Dawson at a game of one-on-one and Dawson throws a basketball at Pacey’s face. Detention for him. (We don’t find out why Pacey’s there until much later, which is actually very worth the wait.) This is one of those times when Pacey is really not a good friend since he kept pushing Dawson even though Pacey knows Dawson is sensitive about his “manliness”. Or lack thereof. But it could also be because he’s so heartbroken over Tamara leaving and Dawson wasn’t really there for Pacey during any of that so can we really blame him? Yeah, we can. I think he’s just kind of being a jerk this time.

Now it’s Jen’s turn. Apparently the health teacher hates her and I have no idea why. It seems to have something to do with him thinking that she thinks she’s better than everyone there just because she’s from New York. Either way, he’s a complete jerk. Now I know there are teachers out there that hate students this way but I always wonder how they get away with it. But then she throws out the B-word. So. Detention. Can’t really argue with that.

Now that the show is about half over, we finally get to detention! And the most uncomfortable moments of the show by far. Seriously, it’s pretty bad. You’d think if you had to spend a Saturday in detention with your best friends, it wouldn’t be so bad but since they all still hate each other, it’s bad. Then throw in Abby Morgan and it’s eight hours of torture. For all of us.

Abby immediately wants to know why Pacey’s in detention because he’s purposefully not telling anyone. He should just make something up if he doesn’t want anyone to know. But seriously, why doesn’t he make something up? But then to make things interesting and to ultimately get her way, Abby comes up with the best idea ever. Truth or Dare. Not a game you should play with a mortal enemy. Or your best friends who currently hate you. Or someone as observant and ruthless as Abby Morgan.

Dare #1: Pacey kisses Jen. This is bad. And hilarious. Because who would play this game? Except they all kind of hate each other right now and Pacey’s still mad at Dawson for hitting him with the basketball so he goes for it. And they really seem to enjoy it. Except for Dawson. Even Joey is a little happy with how that goes since she’s hating Jen right now. Like usual.

Truth #1: Pacey asks Joey who she likes. She takes Dare instead. So Pacey dares her to kiss Dawson on the lips. And after egging Pacey on and trading in that truth, she has no choice. And it’s perfectly awkward. Song

Abby is enjoying this so much. I think she’s perhaps the best villain of all time.

Truth #2: Joey asks Jen if Dawson is the guy at school that she’s most attracted to. Which is actually a pretty well-worded question. Because Jen gets it and tries to turn it around and say that Dawson is the one she likes the most. But Joey won’t let that go. And it gets a little ugly. As you’d expect. “Do you lust for him?” “Yes.” An obvious lie. Which we all knew anyway. The only reason Jen’s dating Dawson is because he’s safe for her and a nice (?) guy and he likes her a lot.

After the horribleness of the game, they jailbreak and play more stupid games. There’s another fight. The male egos need to calm down. Also, the girl on girl hate needs to end. Jen is fed up with Joey, for good reason, and admits she’s done trying to be her friend. Abby steps in with the wisdom that they definitely can’t be friends while they fight over Dawson and Jen had somehow missed that Joey is completely in love with him. Another awkward heart to heart but at least that info is out in the open now. Maybe they can rise above it all and become friends?!

Then the iconic running through the halls moment. Couldn’t let the opportunity pass.

And Mrs. Tringle catches them. She dumps out a card catalog (hello, dated reference!) for them to organize before their time is up.

Now there’s just 30 minutes of detention left and the good stuff is just about to happen. It’s revealed that Abby’s only there because she had too many tardies, not the crazy reason she mentioned earlier. And everyone wants to know why Pacey is there. But first, he and Dawson have another fight. Dawson because he’s insecure about not being athletic and about not having had sex yet and Pacey because he’s tired of Dawson being mean to him. So they fight and then Pacey explains how he ended up in detention. And in case you don’t know, it’s because the cheerleaders turned him on and he got caught relieving himself of the tension in the locker room. Seriously. You should have made something up. Like too many tardies.

So Dawson apologizes to Pacey for being a jerk. Finally. And then Dawson goes all woes is me, why doesn’t my girlfriend want me pity party. So Jen is forced to give a completely awkward speech about how she does want him and blah blah blah and it feels totally insincere. And Dawson feels better and apologizes to Pacey, again, for everything. Because he should after being such an annoying jerk the whole time. And they have a cute little bromance moment. Then poor Joey, who’s been forced to watch this whole Jen/Dawson mushy scene in person, loses it. I mean, she loses it. It’s cringe-worthy. She goes on this whole speech about feelings and being alone and it’s so horrible and awkward and there’s crying and I don’t want to watch. But in the end, she doesn’t say that she loves Dawson because she knows if she tells Dawson how she feels, everything will change. And I guess it’s too early in the show for that to happen.

And that’s it. It’s all horribly awkward but at least it’s over.

Where’s the Breakfast Club song?!?!??!


Episode Wrap-Up

Best Song: Dammit by Blink 182 – Classic Blink-182. Who from this time period didn’t own one of their albums? Probably Enema of the State. I know I did.

Best Quote: “Dawson, you’re not a little oompa loompa anymore. You’re a big bad manly oompa loompa.” I don’t think you should have said that, Pacey.

Most Angsty Moment: At the end. When Joey is having her sort-of confession moment. To tell or not to tell. But in the end she’s saved by Mrs. Tringle. Now we can all pretend that nothing happened.

Best Reference: THE MIGHTY DUCKS! Pacey mentions them when Dawson is talking about The Breakfast Club actors. It’s so cute. You know, because he was in them. I can’t fault him though, because I love both Dawson’s Creek and The Mighty Ducks. Also, The Breakfast Club. But it almost doesn’t seem right to call it a reference since the entire show was based on that movie.

Guest Appearance: Abby Morgan makes her first appearance in this episode. She’s terrible. But a very interesting character. Not good for Jen, though.

Who Complained the Most: Dawson. By far. Again. Seriously. The world revolves around Dawson and anything anyone else does is in some way meant to be against Dawson. Because Dawson is the poor, nerdy, non-athletic virgin that everybody hates. Except we only hate him because he’s actually the worst.

Fun Fact: The Breakfast Club is rated R so none of the Dawson’s Creek characters are old enough to have seen the movie yet. Because everyone always waits until they’re 17 to see R rated movies.

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