Top Ten Tuesday (203) : Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted each week by The Broke and The Bookish and allows us to combine our love of books with our love of lists. This week’s topic is: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2017.

I’m actually really happy with the number of new authors I found last year. It wasn’t necessarily a goal I set in the beginning of the year but I think we’re all pretty much always on the lookout for new authors to add to our MUST-READ lists. And I’m glad I found some with lots of books already out that I can binge read and some that are new authors that I’m keeping my eyes and grabby hands open for new books they have coming out this year. But all of these are authors I’d recommend checking out if you haven’t read them yet. Hopefully everyone can find something they’ll like! So here are some of my favorite authors I read for the first time this year (in no particular order):


Jenn Bennett


I read Alex, Approximately first and then immediately went on the search for more books from her. I don’t know why I went straight to this series instead of her other YA book but I did and then binged the whole thing. I really enjoyed it. It’s really different from AA but it reminded me that I really like urban fantasy books.

Nalini Singh

I’ve seen Nalini Singh’s books everywhere but never really had the nerve to read them. They look and sound like something that’d be way out of my comfort zone. But I finally gave in because of so many great reviews and I’m glad I did. I’ll definitely be reading more of these books as the year goes on but because I tend to not love alpha males, I have to take breaks between these books and let them be more of a palate cleanser between other books instead of binging all of them back to back.

Anne Bishop

I bought Written in Red years ago after hearing lots of people praising it. Then I just never read it. I had hoped it would be an urban fantasy romance and then read a bunch of reviews that said there wasn’t a lot of romance so I put it aside. But I finally had it on a must-read list for 2017 and I’m so glad I did! I actually didn’t mind that there wasn’t a ton of romance in this one because the characters were so great and the world was so interesting. I really enjoy these and am looking forward to her new book set in the same world coming out later this year!

Angie Thomas

Of course Angie Thomas will be on this list. THUG was amazing and she deserves every single ackowledgement she’s getting for it. I’m dying for the movie to finally get here and will pre-order any and all books she writes from here on out. And I think she has one coming out in May!!

Jamie Shaw

I was in the mood to binge read some romance books this summer and saw some people mentioning this series so I gave it a try. I think I read two of these each in a day and the whole series in just over a week. It was super addicting and perfect timing for me. If you like romances with rock stars, I highly recommend this series.

Emma Mills

I really, really liked both of these and am so glad because they have the most beautiful covers so I would have bought them anyway! I still have to read her first book and she has another coming out in 2019! I can’t wait to read them!

Sandhya Menon

I was really happy with how much I enjoyed this one because it was one of my most anticipated for the year. I love how incredibly adorable it was and how interesting it was and how easily I was sucked into their lives. I’m so excited for her next book coming out in June and Ashish’s book coming out in 2019!

Mackenzie Lee

This was full of adventure and swoon and funny moments and I was so excited when I heard she was writing another book from Felicity’s POV this time because after Percy, I think Felicity was my favorite character.

Brigid Kemmerer

This one was a pretty emotional read and really surprised me because I know Kemmerer has a lot of books out already but I still hadn’t read any of them. I’m hoping to read her YA fantasy series sometime this year (as well as the sequel to this one!) because it’s been on my list for years!

Ashley Poston

This was probably the single cutest book I read the entire year, which is really surprising because I usually have a hard time with retellings. But this one was full of geekiness and I absolutely adored it! I ‘m so excited to have Heart of Iron as an eARC to read soon and will need to grab her other two books ASAP!


What are some of your top authors you found in 2017?

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