Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge


I’m excited to be participating in the Beat the Backlist challenge hosted by NovelKnight! Last year, I read a bunch of books that I already owned or that had been on my TBR for years and IT FELT SO GOOD. Everybody loves ARCs and reading books the day they’re published but I’m looking forward to reading books that have been on my list for a long time and finally putting a check by their title! Plus, I’m also participating in a classics reading challenge and I think these will go well together and help challenge me to read even more books that I’ve been missing out on for a while!

Here’s a little about the challenge from NovelKnight:

What is Beat the Backlist?

In short, this is a reading challenge where your goal is to read backlist books (published prior to the current year). For 2018, it means reading any book that was published in 2017 or earlier. You have the entire year to read as many books as you can/want. YOU set your own reading goal and this challenge isn’t just for bloggers. You do NOT need to have a blog to participateAny online social media account (Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) will work, and if you have a blog you’re welcome to join in too!

Now to add a bit of a competitive edge, when you sign up for the challenge you’ll be randomly placed on a team. These teams will compete to see who can get the most points, and each month one winner will be drawn from the team with the most points to get a book of their choice (open internationally). You get points by reading books! And you can earn extra by posting a review to retail websites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc).

Each team will have their own Rafflecopter that you can submit your points through so it’s super easy, and you’ll be able to see which team is in the lead too. You don’t have to submit anything if you don’t want to, but it will help your team and better YOUR chances of winning a book of your choice so you may find it’s worth it!


So it sounds pretty great already and there’s a fun, competitive aspect to it as well! I usually just do challenges for myself and don’t to the monthly link-ups or giveaways if they have them but I might have to try and actually participate in this one! Since we can set our own goals, I’m going to challenge myself to read 30 Backlist books this year. Last year I read 50, so 30 shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m also lowering my Goodreads challenge number and overall expect to read less this year than last.

Here are a few I hope to read for this challenge:

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart, Pride and Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, The Fellowship of the Ring, Hunting Prince Dracula, Rebels Rising, Rebel of the Sands, Traitor to the Throne, All American Boys, A Thousand Pieces of You, First & Then, and Lord of Shadows.

Here are the books I’ve read for this challenge: