November at a Glance

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Well, November was interesting. It was full of highs and lows and ended with my daughter in the hospital. She’s okay now, on the road to getting better, but I’m just really ready for this whole year to be over. I know we have one more month to go and lots of fun stuff happens in December but this year has officially been exhausting all around and I will not be sad to say good-bye to it next month. But for now, we’ll focus on November and the few things I was able to get posted here this month. It wasn’t nearly as much as I was hoping but I’ve already got several posts scheduled for December and am hoping to get a lot more reviews up in the next couple of months. I’m not even sure how I ended up with only one this month but I guess that’s what happens when your two previous months had such little reading and planning. But I did get a lot of reading done this month so I’m happy about that. And in case you missed any of them, here they are:



Most Exciting Book Mail

I received this amazing package from Free Form Books and Disney for The Belles that comes out February 6! I’m really looking forward to reading this one!

Favorite November Reads

Easily my two favorites from the month were Foolish Hears by Emma Mills and Retribution Rails from Erin Bowman. I highly recommend both! FH comes out early December and RR is out now!

Coming Up in December

Who knows! I have a few reviews scheduled, so that’s pretty exciting. But as of now, the next little while is pretty up in the air in terms of our personal lives. We have a lot on our calendar for December and are still working on getting better and out of the hospital, so I’m not promising anything in terms of posts except for any tours I’m on but ARC giveaways will be put on hold until the new year. I appreciate you guys being so supportive and understanding during life’s crazy times!

I’m still hoping to finish the reading year strong and complete my Goodreads challenge. I had to read a few graphic novels and novellas that I’ve been saving up this year in November in order to get back on track. So I’m really hoping to push through this last month and reach my goal. I think I’ll set a lower one next year and just enjoy whatever over I end up having.

It’s been interesting thinking about how this last year went in terms of blogging and reading and where I want it to go next year. I definitely think I’m ready to focus less on ARCs and more on books I already own or have wanted to read for a long time. And every once in a while I think about giving up blogging completely but then I realize that there’s nothing else I want to do as much as blogging. But in March I will have been doing this for six years so I think it’s time for me to think about making some changes on the blog. But what those might be, I have no idea right now.

And until then, I’m just going to enjoy posting what I want and reading your comments and loving as many books as I can! I hope you guys can all do the same! Let’s all have great Decembers!

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  1. I am sorry to hear your daughter ended up in the hospital, but glad to hear she is getting better. That Belles package was incredible. I saw it all over Instagram. I would have been excited too. Foolish Hearts was so wonderful! I now must read all that is Emma Mills.
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  2. I loved This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills so I’ll have to read Foolish Hearts ASAP! Happy to see it was one of your favorites in November. 🙂

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