September at a Glance

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September flew by! Again. How are these months going so fast? I remember thinking as a kid how long the months took but adults were always saying it would be different when you grew up. I, of course, didn’t believe them but now I know I was stupid and wrong. And I hate how much faster everything goes the older you get. It really does seem completely wrong and unfair. But at least I feel like I was actually able to get some things done this month! I hope that feeling will last through the next several months. I can’t believe it’s time for Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then it’ll be an entirely new year. It’s blowing my mind! But for now, I’ll try and focus on just this post and this month and what’s happening right now. And right now, let’s review what happened around here in September.


Top Ten Tuesdays

Waiting on Wednesdays


Favorite September Reads

I didn’t read much in September and I’m still not sure why but I did enjoy most of the ones I did read. Here are my two favorites.

Love, Life, and the List Among the Red Stars

I have loved just about every Kasie West book but this one reminded me again why I fell in love with her books in the first place. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for you guys to read it! ATRS is definitely not something I’d normally read but I was drawn in by the female bomber pilots and ended up really loving their story and the fact that it was based on a true story. I definitely recommend this one too.

Best Book Mail

I didn’t receive too much book mail this month but I did get several great eARCs!

Everless (Untitled #1) Ice Wolves (Elementals, #1) Love, Life, and the List

I’m crazy excited for all of these! It’s kind of funny that they’re all so different but these are all on my highly anticipated list and I’m so thankful to the publisher for letting me have early access to these! Obviously, I couldn’t wait very long on that new Kasie West book but I think that was right choice!

Coming Up in October

I’m finally feeling like I’m back into a blogging groove. I have no idea if that’ll last longer than a couple of weeks or not but for now I’m embracing it. I just hope I can keep up with the regular posts and also find time to post a few fun things here and there. I’m going to keep up with the ARC giveaways for at least a few more rounds just to see how it goes. If it seems like it’s working, I’ll stick with it. Otherwise, we’ll try something else! Now if I could just get back into posting on Instagram, everything would be awesome!

Around here in real life, it’s time to get ready for Halloween! It’s my least favorite holiday but the kids love it so I try to suck it up at least a little bit and throw some decorations around and help out with their costumes. My son isn’t into the dressing up much so he’s just throwing on some old costume. He mostly just likes it because of the candy and seeing his friends. My daughter is planning to go as Crazy Dave from Plants vs Zombies which is pretty much the easiest costume ever and I’m completely in love with that! Hopefully everything else will go smoothly as well and we’ll all be able to enjoy a nice, peaceful, beautiful fall season!

I hope you all have a great October! What do you love most about October? Are you a huge fan of Halloween?

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  1. I have such grabby hands for the new Kasie West. I love her and I will always read all her books. I am happy to hear you say it reminded you of why you fell in love with her, because I know people were a little let down by her last book (not my favorite, but still cute).
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