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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but I’ve been watching a bunch more TV recently and wanted to share some of the shows I’ve been watching and catching up on. A few of these are shows I watched over the summer and I’m sort of surprised that I’ve watched so much! Since we got rid of cable and DVR several years ago, we just don’t really watch much TV anymore that isn’t sports or a special event of some kind. I just completely lost interest in having to stick to such a strict schedule without my DVR. But luckily Netflix has been awesome and I’ve had some time to catch up on shows that it seems like everyone else has already seen! But that doesn’t matter because I’m enjoying them now. I just have to be careful because I get easily sucked into things and becomes obsessed and if I don’t pay attention to how much I’m watching, then I end up staying up way too late and never get any reading done. I really need to start practicing balance! But until then, here’s an update on some of the shows I’ve been watching and what I think about them!




I finished the whole series and I absolutely loved this show. I’m so glad I decided to watch it on a whim. I almost can’t believe I watched all 12 seasons in just about five months but I was completely addicted. I didn’t love everything about the show and I’ll probably be mad about a few things for at least a while. But I absolutely loved all of the characters. I kind of can’t believe they got 12 seasons out of the show but I’d definitely watch more if they existed! Which is weird because I never thought I’d become addicted to any sort of crime show. I’m a huge wimp and have a hard time with scary stuff but I could not stop watching this one. Which just proves how much I loved the characters. Have you watched Bones? What other shows would you recommend to someone missing it?

This Is Us


This is most definitely not my type of show. I usually hate lots of drama and shows the make me cry. Plus I hate the hype with shows as much as with books. But I HAD to watch it because of Milo and Mandy. There was just no other option for me. And then I actually really liked the characters. (Minus Toby but apparently that’s just me.) So I had to keep watching. Then I actually fell behind because we live in the ancient world over here and don’t cable or DVR and I missed a few episodes and got locked out of them on NBC and it was a whole thing. But I eventually signed up for a free month of HULU over the summer and binged the rest of the episodes for the season and cried through about the last three of them. And I hate that. But I can’t help being excited for the second season starting soon! I love Randall and his story line and hope some good things happen for him in season 2! Is this a show you watch?



I started this one not too long ago because it’s another show that people talk about all the time and I was thinking it would have a similar feel to This Is US and again just became addicted. (I might have a problem.) I’m on season 3 now and enjoying it. Since it’s been on for a while and I knew people who watched it while it was on, I know some of the things that happen but it hasn’t ruined the show for me. The hardest part for me is just that Lauren Graham’s character is almost exactly the same as Lorelai Gilmore. There are so many similarities, it’s really hard to tell them apart sometimes. And it’s really disappointing because I love her on GG and was hoping for the same feeling here, not the same character.

The Good Place


We’re huge fans of Kristen Bell so we just sort of started watching this for her. I’d seen a few trailers and honestly wasn’t expecting much. But we loved it right from the beginning! The shows are so funny and Ted Danson and Kristen Bell work so well together. And I’m impressed that they’ve been able to keep the shows interesting and funny on such a weird premise. I wasn’t sure how they’d keep going after the first season but that finale was perfect! This is definitely a show we’ll keep watching this season, though probably not live. But that’s mostly because we never watch shows live.

Jane the Virgin


We’re about halfway through season one and we’re enjoying this one but not quite as addicted to it as I had hoped we would be. I love Gina Rodriguez and the narrator and the humor and the relationships between Jane and her mom and her abuela but I don’t love the back and forth between Rafael and Michael and I really hate Petra and all of her storylines. It’s just like love triangles and super drama everywhere so I can only watch a little at a time. This is usually the show we’ll pick when we only have time to watch one show instead of a movie or several episodes of something.



I made my husband watch an episode of this kind of on a whim because it looked funny and I was curious. He had super low expectations but we ended up both liking it! I hate the guy from Vampire Diaries but I love her and the autopsy guy and her roommate and the way she helps solve crimes. It’s actually a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I’m hoping to watch more but this also isn’t a binge show for us. Just one we watch when we want to watch something weird and funny and paranormal.

What are some of your favorite shows to binge? What should I watch next?

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  1. I used to watch Bones allll the time, but I kind of fell out of the habit somehow. And yes, I LOVE This is Us! I think *because* of all the crying? Though I fully admit to putting it off sometimes because I am not up for the emotion, so I understand that for sure. And Jane the Virgin! I like it, but it IS kind of over the top- but I think it’s supposed to be, so I roll with it haha. I always have to instruct people to watch The 100 so… there you go 😀
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  2. chelsea w

    The Good Place has really surprised me! It’s been a show I actually look forward to watching. I wonder if you would like Santa Clarita Diet?

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