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I think we all know how much I love books. I mean, I have a blog dedicated to them and a house full of them. But I love other things besides books and sometimes I want to talk about them. So I’ve decided to start this feature to give me a chance to share about movies and music and tv whenever I want. I know I post about those things sometimes, especially movies, in other features and posts. And I’ll continue to do that. Especially reviews or events around those. But this will just be a random here and there feature for when I just want to chat about something. And if you guys want to join in, I’d love that too!


This isn’t just an intro post, though. I do have something that I actually want to talk about. A TV Show, specifically. If my husband is reading this, I’m sure he’s rolling his eyes right about now because he knows what’s coming. But guys. I’m obsessed. I have a new TV show that I’ve been binge watching. But it’s not actually new. I’m about ten or so years behind. Just like with everything else. So while everyone here is going on and on about Stranger Things and This Is Us (which I watch but am about eight episodes behind in that, too, so no spoilers!), I’m going to ramble on about how obsessed I am with Bones.

That’s right. Bones. I finally, just randomly, put on the first episode of Bones while I was packing for our trip last month. It was on Netflix and I didn’t feel like spending hours searching for something, so I just picked something near the top and this was it. And guys. I loved it.

Generally, crime shows aren’t really my thing. My mom watches them all. CSI. Law and Order. NCIS. Something SVU. Who knows what else. But whenever I watch, I pretty much watch with my eyes covered the whole time. So I figured I probably wouldn’t even get through one whole episode of Bones. But since it was there and I’ve heard people talk about it and I figured I’d be distracted with packing anyway, so I just went with it. And I ended up watching three episodes straight through that night. And did no packing. Now I’m on season three.

And I’m officially obsessed. I wish I could watch faster but this isn’t exactly a show I can have on in the middle of the day when the kids are around. So the only time I have to watch is at night. And I’m starting to think that it’s messing with my sleep. Not because I’m staying up super late to watch, but because the episodes don’t exactly focus on fun, light-hearted topics. The shows are gross and scary and they might be giving me nightmares. Because they’re super gross. Seriously. Don’t eat during the first ten minutes of the show. I think their goal was to make people puke. But I just can’t stop watching.

And that’s because I’m kind of a little bit in love with the characters. Since the shows been on so long and I sort of pay attention to entertainment news a little bit and I never actually intended to watch the show, I know what happens. At least between Bones and Booth. But I was pretty surprised to see their chemistry so early on. I figured it was just something they created a little later on when they needed something else interesting for the show. But their relationship is like the ultimate high-pressure partnership, love-to-hate romance. And I can’t wait to see it all play out!

Plus, the show is funny. I had no idea a crime show could be so funny. They always seem so dark, and serious. And that guy on SVU always has that crease in his eyebrows. That means it’s serious. And so I just assumed that all crime shows were. But this one is different. (Though you should definitely consider the fact that I rarely watch crime shows and am basing this solely on my prejudices against them.) It’s actually funny. And while it feels a little weird sometimes to be laughing over some gross burned body (and no matter what the crime was, it’s always GROSS), they acknowledge that it’s weird and just keep going. I love the pop culture references that Bones doesn’t get, I love the awkwardness that comes from her assistants, I love that Angela is an artist and somehow ended up working in this very weird job and says what the rest of us feel about it, and I love every awkward moment when Bones tries to talk to someone. I love that they switched roles for Bones and Booth and made the female character the one who doesn’t really know how to talk to the families of the victims in a compassionate way. She knows facts and thinks that everyone else wants the facts and just the facts. Also, she beats people up a lot. And I love that Booth is the one who gets to explain to her how parents feel and how relationships work. I just really like that the show can have both very serious moments and very funny moments, all in the same episode.


I can’t wait to see how the rest of the show plays out. Of course, when I started, I had no idea there were 12 seasons. I really had no idea it had been on that long at all. So I don’t know if I’ll actually get through all of it but when I suggested to my husband that we try and catch up so we can watch the finale on TV, he laughed. We have roughly 200 episodes to go and I think I saw the finale airs this month. So probably not going to happen. But I really can’t wait to see more of Bones and Booth and their chemistry. And more about their pasts. I need to know more about them! I just love them.

But also, how much longer do I have to wait until Bones and Booth finally deal with their insane chemistry?!

 my david bones booth david boreanaz GIF

But don’t actually tell me. Also, I love Angela and Hodgins a lot more than I thought I would. And Zac is so awkward and perfect. What happens when he leaves? Or does he not leave? Now that I’m watching, I’ve been avoiding as many spoilers as I can. Even just searching for gifs and photos and IMDB for all of the cameos, it was hard to avoid seeing things I didn’t want to. I’m so excited to continue watching this.

Do you watch Bones? Are you excited for the finale? DON’T TELL ME ANYTHING!
What was the last TV show you binge watched or a TV show you think I should watch?

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  1. danielle hammelef

    I am watching this right now!! Okay, rewatching earlier episodes on Netflix. This is my favorite show right now. though I also love Psyche…

  2. Holly Letson

    I haven’t watched much of *Bones*, just a few episodes here and there. My mother used to watch it, so that’s how I caught some of it.

    The last couple shows I binge-watched were *Gilmore Girls* and *Saved by the Bell*.

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