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L.E. DeLano
(Traveler, #1)
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: February 7th 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

A teen writer discovers that every mirror is a portal into an alternate version of her life in this romantic YA fantasy by author L.E. DeLano.

Jessa has spent her life dreaming of other worlds and writing down stories more interesting than her own, until the day her favorite character, Finn, suddenly shows up and invites her out for coffee. After the requisite nervous breakdown, Jessa learns that she and Finn are Travelers, born with the ability to slide through reflections and dreams into alternate realities. But it’s not all teacakes, pirates and fantasy lifestyles…Jessa is dying over and over again, in every reality, and Finn is determined that this time, he’s going to stop it… this Jessa is going to live

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I’m so excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Traveler and I’m also really excited to have the author, L.E. DeLano, here today to share her inspiration for the story and the ideas behind both the main character and the way the worlds in Traveler work. If you haven’t read the book yet, you definitely should. Especially if you enjoy stories about parallel worlds. It’s so fascinating to think about other worlds and our other selves out there with lives running right alongside ours but that are also so different. And the characters L.E. creates to share those ideas with us are so realistic and definitely worth meeting. I cannot wait for more Jessa and Finn in the next book! I really enjoyed this book and the premise for the worlds that Jessa lives in and learns about. You can check out my review here but before that, make sure you read all about the author’s inspiration for the book and then enter the giveaway at the bottom for a chance to win a copy for yourself!


Building the Characters and Worlds of TRAVELER

The inspiration for my novel TRAVELER originally came from watching an old version of “Alice Through The Looking Glass” on TV when I was a kid. I was more than a little creeped out at the thought of another version of me on the other side of that mirror, so much so that I had a hard time looking at mirrors!

When I started sifting through ideas for stories, I landed on that memory and as an adult, I’m intrigued. How interesting it must be to meet another version of yourself! Or even better, to become another version of yourself, living a life that could have been if not for dot-dot-dot and sometimes that dot-dot-dot makes a world of difference.

That’s the premise of TRAVELER, and that’s Jessa’s bit of magic, the ability to slide into other versions of herself through mirrors, other versions that exist because someone made a choice that changed the course of a life.

Those life-altering choices can seem small, but become much more powerful when we learn that each Traveler is directed by an immortal “Dreamer” who can forecast the flow of the various realities, and make changes to the stream as needed. There’s a fine line between sheltering mankind and playing God, and Jessa has real reason to question some of her Dreamer’s motivations.

Jessa is thrown into her alternate self, complete with each of their memories and all of their life experiences, and that makes for intrigue and adventure, along with confusion and heartache. With another Traveler murdering her in various realities, the questionable decisions of the Dreamers, and Finn suddenly appearing and upending her life, it’s hard for her to know who to trust.

Ultimately, she’s going to have to learn to trust herself – or should I say, her selves. Every Jessa adds a layer to her experiences, and every Jessa has a voice. It was tremendous fun imaging them all and bringing them – and the worlds they live in – to life! When Jessa steps through each mirror, she may not know what’s waiting on the other side, but she knows who, and trusting her instincts is a critical skill that carries her through the shifting, sliding adventure of the story.

TRAVELER is a story about all the you’s you wish you could have been, or are reminded that you could have become. Instead of magicians and curses or potions and charms, the magic is in the ordinary, in the things that make a life and shape the world and people around you.



Author Bio:

L.E. DeLano is a YA novelist rep’d by Barry Goldblatt Literary agency, author of the upcoming “Traveler” (Swoon Reads/MacMillan 2017) and lifelong writer. Her work has been featured on various online outlets and she lives in Pennsylvania with two very adventurous kids and two very ridiculous cats. In her spare time, she writes (of course) and binge-watches way too much Netflix.

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