August at a Glance

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like a river

Summer is officially over. I don’t care when fall officially starts, as soon as school starts, summer is over. I hope all of you who are going back, are sending your kids back, or are done with school, enjoyed your last days of real summer. I’m not sure I read as much this summer as I had hoped, but I still enjoyed most of my reading. I also took it very easy with the blog. But I’m glad to be back and glad to be back in the swing of school. Here’s what happened on the blog this month:



Top Ten Tuesdays



Most Exciting Book Mail


I traded for Like a River Glorious and am so thrilled because I absolutely loved it!



I pre-ordered The Beauty of Darkness and can’t wait to read it! I’m hoping to get to it next month. But I had no idea the book was so freaking big!



I won this prize pack from Sarah and was so excited when it showed up! I’m not gonna lie, I’m dying to read Last Seen Leaving and Nemesis!


Favorite August Reads

Like a River Glorious (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #2)

Guys, I seriously love this series and anything Rae Carson writes. I highly recommend all of her books and hope that if you haven’t read any of them yet, that you go out and do that now!


In Real Life Happenings

I can’t even believe it’s September already! I don’t think we really did much in August except enjoy a lack of schedule and sports. We were able to get out and see some movies and even liked them all! We took the kids to see The Secret Life of Pets even though I was really expecting to hate it. But I actually didn’t. I enjoyed it and laughed with the kids a bunch. And the husband and I were able to get out and see the new Star Trek movie. If you guys haven’t seen the new series, I highly recommend it. They’re so much fun and aren’t afraid to be campy. Especially if you know anything about the old series, you’ll really enjoy the new ones. And then we (finally) rented Zootopia. I had no idea what this was about except that it got great reviews. And I have to say I loved it! Though I did think it was weird that I didn’t even know the main character was a girl rabbit and not that fox guy that’s posted everywhere. Not that the fox guy wasn’t fun and great and added a lot to the movie, I just mean that I wasn’t even AWARE of the girl character at all. Just interesting how the movie was advertised. Did you guys see any movies or shows that you loved this month?!

We’ve settled into a pretty good rhythm with school even with a bummer of a schedule. Each kid is taking one class at the regular school but one goes in the morning and one goes in the afternoon. So that really puts a damper on any sort of activity we want to do outside of the home during the day. But they enjoy getting to see their friends and keep in touch with regular school, so I don’t really mind too much.

Also, we’re heading out for a trip this month! I’m so excited! We put it off until after school started in the hopes that most tourists will be cleared out. Hopefully that’ll be the case. We’re heading to New England this time! Besides Boston, I haven’t really seen much of the area. We’ve got lots planned and are hoping the weather will be good to us. Do you guys have any restaurant recs for the Boston or New England areas?

Coming up in September

On the blog, they’ll be posts for reviews (The Lovely Reckless, Ice Like Fire, For This Life Only, A Torch Against the Night) and Top Ten Posts. I’m also excited for several tour posts I have coming up! Regular Friday giveaways will continue happening as well. I have some more books I need to add to the giveaway page. Hopefully that will happen soon as well.

Otherwise, I think it’ll hopefully be a relaxing month full of school and reading and (hopefully) fall-like weather. Because I’m really dying for fall! It’s my absolute favorite season. And if you haven’t watched Poldark yet, you really should. Season 2 starts September 25!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great August! I agree I can’t believe it is already September time flew by! I really love Boston! I would highly recommend the Boston Duck Tour! It was a lot of fun and you learn a lot! Have a great September! Happy Reading!

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