July at a Glance

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First off. I need to know. DID ANY OF YOU GO TO A MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY FOR HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD?!?!?! DID YOU? If you did, you must share with me. I was old and tired and didn’t go and will be waiting for my pre-order to show up on Wednesday. If you went and got the book, I hope it’s awesome! No spoilers, please!!! Now on to the regular stuff.

I think it’s pretty easy to say that July turned out at least a little better than June. It felt good to get a little bit more done but still not be feeling like I was working too hard to keep up with posts. I’m trying to keep a little going in July but get a bunch scheduled ahead of time for August because school starts back up and I won’t have nearly as much time to blog as I do over the summer. But our curriculum and school supplies are pretty much all set, so I’m going to take the last couple weeks of summer and hopefully get a good head start on fall posts.

How are you guys preparing for back to school? Are you teachers or parents or are you stuck in an office all summer either way? We’re homeschooling again, which I’m mostly looking forward to but it does take a little bit of time and work which is always an adjustment after a relaxing summer. But we’ve got some fun things planned, so it isn’t all bad.

Here’s what did end up happening on the blog this month! Check it out in case you missed anything!



Top Ten Tuesdays


Most Exciting Book Mail

You Know Me Well Rebel Magisters (Rebel Mechanics, #2)

I was really excited to win You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan from Goodreads and it showed up this month! I can’t wait to read it! I also ordered Rebel Magisters by Shanna Swendson as soon as I saw it had been published. I’d been waiting on news of a sequel since I read Rebel Mechanics last year and fell in love with it. I’m happy to say that I loved the second one even more! I highly recommend both of those books and I really hope you’ll go out and read them!

Favorite July Reads

P.S. I Like You The Naturals (The Naturals, #1) Rebel Magisters (Rebel Mechanics, #2)

I actually had a really good reading month and I’ll share them all with you on my reading queue post tomorrow but for now here’s a peek at my three favorite from the month. P.S. I Like You by Kasie West finally came out and I snatched it up and devoured it at once. And it did not disappoint! It was so freaking cute! The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is one I’ve actually owned for a while but finally gave it a chance randomly this month  and read it all in one day. It’s fast and enthralling and I ordered the second one as soon as I was done! I loved it and if you enjoyed The Fixer, you should try this one. I mentioned Rebel Magisters above but just have to say again how much I’ve enjoyed both of the books in this series so far and I really do hope you guys will check them out!

Coming Up in August

Ugh. I HATE that I keep having to type August. How did it become August already?! Will someone go ahead already and invent something to slow down time? That’d be great. Thanks.

In August, if you haven’t heard yet, Read.Sleep.Repeat. are hosting another round of ARC August. I’ll be participating this year and I’m really looking forward to getting through a few of the ARCs that are sitting on my shelves. I’ll have a weekly post updating my progress, so I really hope there will be some!

Also in August, Bout of Books is happening again! I’ll definitely be participating in this one, though sign-ups aren’t open yet. So make sure you keep your eyes open, either there or here, for sign-up posts. I love Bout of Books and think all of you guys should join in too!

And other than that, we’ll continue with regularly scheduled posts, school will start up, we’ll die from the heat, and keep reading! I hope you guys all have a great month! And until then, go watch Poldark. Please. For me. Because I’m obsessed. Then come back here and tell me how much you love it too so I won’t feel so crazy.

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