Mini Reviews: Recent DNFs (8)

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I hate DNFing books but sometimes, we just don’t get along. It doesn’t always mean I hate the book, sometimes, I’m just not enjoying it or connecting with the character. And most times, I’d still recommend them to other people who I think would enjoy them more than I did. So keep that in mind with my most recent DNFs.

Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes

This one was just kind of….boring? I don’t know. I expected something kind of crazy and dramatic and intense since it’s all about the Queen of Hearts and Wonderland and how she became evil in such a messed up world. But really, it was just about a whiny princess with a father who hates her and a boy that she likes who doesn’t really seem to like her back. Or at least that’s all I saw. More things probably happened later on. I only read till about 35%. I’m sure things will happen, or at least I expect them to. But based on other reviews and progress updates, I’m not actually sure that I’m going to get what I want out of this one. And what I want is to know why her father hates her so much. Is there an actual reason? Does this hatred lead to a big confrontation? Or just it just help us feel sympathy for the future villain if her father hates her? If that’s it, that’s fine. I guess. I just prefer something to actually happen or to know why it started. But from some of the other reviews, it doesn’t seem like we ever really find out. Mostly, I put this one aside because I was bored and it wasn’t interesting me enough to continue. I’m sure other people will enjoy it. It just wasn’t for me.


Gina/Finn by Hannah Moskowitz and Kat Helgeson

This one wasn’t really on my radar at all until the publisher sent me a copy. And this is when I feel extra horrible. Because I want to love everything that I get sent. But the problem I had with this one was very specific and I still think it will appeal to a bunch of readers. I ended up putting this one down because I just couldn’t read an entire book in tweets, text messages, and online forums. It read very quickly but again I stopped around 30%. It was just too annoying for me. Some of the writing was in text spelling and while I get that that’s realistic for how people type, I just can’t read a book like that. And it wasn’t all that way but enough of it was. Plus, there was a show that the girls were talking about that I don’t know because it’s made up and I find it impossible to get into fangirl mode when I have no idea who or what anyone is talking about. And I have no interest in reading about other people fangirling about something I don’t know anything about. I was very interested in learning more about the girls and their lives but every time one of these situations came up, I completely lost interest. Obviously the real problem with this one is just that I’m not the intended audience. I think younger readers will really enjoy this.


Frannie and Tru by Karen Hattrup

This one is all about expectations not lining up with reality. And again I was bored. The synopsis makes it sound like a magical summer is about to happen and Frannie and Tru are going to become best friends and help each other learn more about themselves and get through the tough times together. But so far it’s pretty much just been Frannie being a creepy sad puppy following Tru around and getting upset when he hangs out with people other than her. Even though she doesn’t even really talk to him much when they’re hanging out. I get that she’s insecure and is young and I should have more sympathy for her, but so far, she just isn’t that interesting. Again, I only read till about 35% so I’m sure things are going to happen and the characters will grow and learn about themselves and the world around them. But I just didn’t love the book yet and was ready to move onto something I’d enjoy more. I think others will enjoy this one for the journey the characters go on and the secrets that will probably be revealed along the way. I might even pick it up again at some point to find out what happens.


Have you read any of these? Did you love them or break up with them too?

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  1. I didn’t realize that gena/finn was written in text and tweets!! I kind of like that idea for me. One of my guilty pleasure series were the Lauren Myracle Internet Girls series. They had titles like TTYL and L8r, G8r… so you can guess how those were formatted LOL. Also I’ve not heard a lot of people liking the Queen of Hearts book. I want to read Heartless, and I think I only have room for one Alice retelling in my immediate future 🙂
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