March at a Glance

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March was such a blur! I barely have any idea what happened without going back to look at our calendar. I have no idea how this year is passing so quickly and where all this time has gone. I know we’ve done stuff and we’ve had a good time (I think) but yeah, it’s gone quickly. And I think April is going to be even crazier. We’re wrapping up the school year and getting ready for some tests and evaluations and a kitchen remodel will be starting soon. But we’re happy to have some warmer, nicer weather so we can spend some of our time outside! I hope you all had a great March! Here’s everything that happened around here during the month:



Top Ten Tuesdays


Waiting on Wednesdays




Most Exciting Book Mail

Defending Taylor Learning to Swear in America The Seventh Wish Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices #1)

Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally: I’m a huge fan of the Hundred Oaks books and was so excited when Sourcebooks Fire approved me for this one on NetGalley! It doesn’t come out until July but I couldn’t wait. I’ve already finished it and loved it!
Learning to Swear in America by Katie Kennedy: I usually hate when books say “for fans of….” but this one says Andrew Smith and Rainbow Rowell. And while I’m hit or miss with Smith, I love Rowell. I’m hoping that that combination along with the synopsis will mean this is an off-the-wall book about learning who you are and what’s really important. Thanks so much to Bloomsbury for this one. Look for it on shelves in July!
The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner: I’ve been excited about this one for a long time! It’s a middle-grade book from Bloomsbury coming in June and is a coming-of-age story combined with some magical elements (a wish-granting fish) and some intense family issues. I haven’t read any books by Messner yet but this one sounds like a great place to start!
Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare: Of course I pre-ordered myself a copy of this! I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’m hearing lots of good things about it and am hoping I can start it soon!

Favorite March Reads

I was really lucky this month and gave every book I read either four or five stars. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. (I’m not counting Me Before You because I was too emotionally distraught after reading it to rate it and I still don’t want to.) These three are the ones I loved and was most excited about.

Walk the Edge (Thunder Road, #2) Every Move (Every, #3) Defending Taylor

Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry: The next book in the Thunder Road series and such a great follow up to the first book. I liked it even more than the first and that rarely happens!
Every Move by Ellie Marney: This is the last in the Every Breath trilogy and it was so good, such a perfect ending for the series. If you want a Sherlock retelling with a romance, don’t wait any longer to read these!
Defending Taylor by Miranda Kenneally: Fun. Swoony. A perfect summer romance read. Put it on your list.

Coming Up in April

There’s a lot happening in April! Unfortunately, I don’t actually have anything scheduled yet, but I promise it’ll be a fun month. I’ll have reviews as usual, including ones for The Mirror King, When We Collided, and My Heart Is Yours. Hopefully another one or two will sneak in there as well. I’ll be hosting a romance giveaway and an April new release giveaway, which will both be open internationally, and my ARC giveaways will continue as usual. I’m also really excited because I’ll be participating in the blog tour for When We Collided, which won’t be a review but a really fun post that you guys should keep an eye out for!

Also, I’ll be participating in ARC April, which is hosted by Read.Sleep.Repeat. and follows just like ARC August, just in April. Which is perfect timing for the crazy amount of ARCs sitting on my shelves right now. I’m in completely over my head and this is the perfect excuse for me to ignore all of my finished copies and focus solely on catching up on (and maybe getting ahead?!?!) on my ARCs. There’s still time to sign up and join in if you are looking at a shelf of ARCs as well. And there are goals we’re trying to reach and prizes! I’ll be working towards the Gold Reader Level, which is 10-15 ARCs, but will still be super happy with Silver, 5-9.

There’s also a mini readathon happening April 8-10, which I’m hoping to participate in as well. It’s a mini version of the TBR Takedown and I’m really excited about it. I love readathons and a mini one is just about as much focus as I can give anything right now. I don’t know that I’ll follow along with the challenges but I’ll probably just read what I want and hopefully get in a couple of books in those few short days.

Also, on a personal front, we’re starting a kitchen remodel in the middle of April. I’m kind of freaking out about it and all the prep we still have to do for it. Including emptying out our kitchen and setting up some sort of eating/cooking/cleaning area while the remodel is happening. We’ve never done anything like this before but our kitchen is so old it’s falling apart and it just needs to be done. I’m hoping I can keep everything else going on as normally as possible while people are tearing apart my kitchen and just being in my house everyday. If you knew me, you’d know how hard it is for me to have people over, in my space, and how crazy just the thought it making me. I very close to moving in with my mom while it’s all happening. But everyone I’ve talked to who’s done renovations say it’s totally worth it in the end. So I’m really just trying to focus on that.

I hope you guys all have a great April! Happy Spring! Enjoy the flowers.

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