#BoutofBooks 15 {Goals & Daily Updates}

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Bout of Books

It’s officially time for Bout of Books 15 and I love this readathon!

I’m a little nervous about still being a bit drained from the holidays and that I have a lot to do this week (including starting back to homeschooling and heading to ALAMW!!!!), but I’m still excited to read and be able to join in as much fun as I can! Here are some of the books I might read this week:

To finish:

The Girl from Everywhere (The Girl from Everywhere, #1) The Deal (Off-Campus, #1)

Starting on page 168 of TGFE and 23% of The Deal

Options after finishing those:

Rebel Bully Geek Pariah Symptoms of Being Human Last Will and Testament (Radleigh University, #1) Romancing the Duke (Castles Ever After, #1)

The Complete Persepolis (Persepolis, #1-4) Fables, Vol. 1: Legends in Exile Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why Lumberjanes #1

Here are some of my goals for the week:

  • Finish at least 3 books. 4 books would make me super happy.
  • Devote at least a little time to reading every day.
  • Participate in the Monday Twitter chat (Monday at 8pm CST, Saturday at 10am CST)
  • Cheer people on!
  • Participate in at least 2 of the challenges.

Are you guys ready?!?!


The Rest of the Week

Books I’ve read today: TGFE
Number of pages I’ve read: 112 pages of TGFE
Total number of books I’ve finished: 3
Total pages read: 717
End of the week thoughts: I love Bout of Books. I’m only slightly bummed that I couldn’t participate all week but ALA was totally worth it. I had thought I could read more in the evenings and on the plane rides than I actually ended up doing because I was so freaking tired but I’m still happy with my progress. I finished three books (The Deal, Fables, and Lumberjanes) and almost a fourth. I don’t even care that two of those are graphic novels, that’s just how some weeks are. I’m glad I had the push to read at all this week with how busy it was! I hope all of you guys had a great week!



Books I’ve read today: Fables: Legends in Exile
Number of pages I’ve read today: 71 pages of Fables – Not a great reading day but I did finish a book and I had to pack for ALA and teach the kids and had some friends over, so it was a busy day! I’m still happy with that progress.
Total number of books I’ve finished: (The Deal, Lumberjanes, Fables)
Total pages read: 605
Daily challenge: Villian Mash-Up hosted by Bingeing on Books



Books I’ve read today: Lumberjanes Vol 1, Fables: Legends in Exile, TGFE
Number of pages I’ve read today: 128 pages of Lumberjanes, 56 pages of Legends, 35 pages of TGFE
Total number of books I’ve finished: (The Deal, Lumberjanes)
Total pages read: 534
Daily challenge: Rainbow Challenge hosted by Ranty Runt of a Reader – My challenge photo can be found here —>  https://www.instagram.com/p/BANVGtami63/. I had a lot of fun picking my books but I think I left out a color. Oops.



Books I’ve read today: The Deal, TGFE
Number of pages I’ve read today: 107 pages (30%) of The Deal, 19 pages of TGFE
Total number of books I’ve finished: (The Deal)
Total pages read: 315
Daily challenge: Is here! A bookish would you rather. I suppose it’s only fair to answer my own questions so here we go. I would choose to lend to someone who dog-ears pages because that cheese powder stuff is never coming off! I would choose to meet an author of my choice (JK Rowling), I would choose not to be allowed in a bookstore because as much as I love them, I would miss libraries more, I would choose for a couple to break up because that’s less painful than a favorite character dying, and I would choose to reread Twilight every year because I hate The Scarlet Letter more than anything and Twilight entertains me.



Books I’ve read today: The Girl from Everywhere, The Deal
Number of pages I’ve read today: 21 pages from TGRE, 168 pages (47%) of The Deal
Total number of books I’ve finished: 0
Total pages read: 189
Daily challenge: Hosted by Bout of Books, me in six words.

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  1. Kim

    I’ve read Symptoms of Being Human but I didn’t really connect with the main character. I’m curious to hear what you think about it. 🙂

    Kim @ Divergent Gryffindor: BLOG || VLOG

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