November at a Glance

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I hope you guys all had a great November! We did here. We celebrated both kids’ birthdays and Thanksgiving and they were wonderful. It was nice to have a few days off to spend just with my family as well. It’ll be hard focusing on these last few weeks of the year. We still need to get through some school stuff and I’ve barely done any holiday shopping, but I’m still looking forward to December anyway. I love the family time and the baking and the gift giving and the lights. Even with so many things we need to get done, it’s still a lot of fun.

November ended up being pretty light on reviews here on the blog but I guess that just happens sometimes. I’ve been reading and I actually have some reviews that I’ve written for December and January already, which has never happened before, but it just wasn’t happening for November. We were very busy and I’m actually pretty happy with how I spent my time. Overall, it was a great month for us. And I hope the same for all of you.

Here’s what happened on the blog this month and what’s coming up in December!



Most Exciting Book Mail

When We Collided Not If I See You First

Thanks to Bloomsbury for When We Collided by Emery Lord and to Little Brown for the copy of Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom.

Favorite November Reads

Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles, #2) Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)

I finally read Scarlet and Cress by Marissa Meyer this month and I’m so glad I did! I loved them! Now I have Winter to read next month and I hope it’s just as good! I’ll try not to worry too much about it being 800 pages!

Coming Up in December

I’m trying to schedule as many posts for December as possible because let’s face it, when I get busy, blogging time is the first thing to go. Since I can plan ahead, most of the regular stuff will be around and I’m hoping to get my next two Dawson’s posts ready. If I’m only posting one a month, it’ll take forever to get through them all! (And no, I didn’t actually do the math on that even though I could.) I’m really happy with how my Friday Grab Bag giveaways are going and I’ll have a New December Release giveaway up for December as well. And I will post my reviews of Truthwitch, Life and Death, and Everything But the Truth. So not too bad for December! I hope you guys have some fun things to look forward to and some great books to read!

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