Blog Tour: It Will Always Be You by Tina Ness {Excerpt & Giveaway}

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Blog Tour: It Will Always Be You by Tina Ness {Excerpt & Giveaway}

Blog Tour: It Will Always Be You by Tina Ness {Excerpt & Giveaway}It Will Always Be You by Tina Ness
on 2014-10-26
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
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It Will Always Be You can be read as a stand-alone

After surviving four years with a commitment-phobic boyfriend, Elizabeth wants nothing more than to settle down. Too bad the man she desires, Marshall Roderick, leaves her flustered, trembling, and unable to utter a single word when he’s near.

Assuming he’s the very definition of a womanizing bachelor, Elizabeth relegates him to fantasyland and makes no move to get to know him. That is, until a chance encounter along the shores of Lake Superior leads to drinks and a steamy romance.

Confident, successful, and freakishly handsome, Marshall is everything Elizabeth has been looking for. But when an unthinkable act of violence shakes them both to the core, she discovers that Marshall isn’t as carefree and put-together as he led her to believe.

Now it’s up to Marshall and Elizabeth to figure out if their love can heal the scars of the past and turn them into the people they’ve always wanted to be.

I’m really happy to  be able to offer you guys an excerpt from It Will Always Be You by Tina Ness today. This book is an adult contemporary romance with a female protagonist who has been scarred by her past relationships and the lack of love they provided and a male love interest with a secret past and a desire to protect those he loves.  Check out the excerpt and then enter the giveaway basket full of awesome prizes, including a signed copy of the book!

Marshall takes my hand. “I know you have been trying really hard to be strong, but Beth, I can see the pain and fear you try to deny. There are times when we’re together that I see it almost vanish from your eyes, and I feel like maybe I am helping you in some small way.”My heart sings with the knowledge that this man knows me better than I know myself, and I so badly want to tell him how I love him, but not after that much absinthe.

“That’s just it.” I place my hand on his cheek. “You have helped me, but not in a small way. When I’m with you, I don’t feel scared. When we make love,” — I pause to see his reaction to those words, and he doesn’t blink, doesn’t look away. That’s when I see it: he does love me. I reluctantly continue even though I want so badly to kiss his perfect lips and have him take me to bed. — “it’s like everything’s right in the world, nothing else matters. It’s like each time takes more of the hurt away. I need you, Marshall.”

He smiles that perfect sexy smile and runs a finger over my lips. “And I need you, Beth.” That is as close to an “I love you” as one can get, and for now I’m satisfied with it.

His lips crash into mine, and his tongue explores my mouth with such need I can hardly breathe. Without slowing his wondering tongue, he pulls me up to my feet. I can feel the effects of the green fairy as I rise, but it’s different than other times I’ve been drunk. It’s more of a sense of euphoria. His fingertips run the length of my neck and slide down over my shoulder, and I moan into his mouth at the sensation of his touch. His mouth leaves mine and travels to my ear. He whispers, “Can I taste more of you upstairs?” He holds me tighter as my knees weaken with his words.



About Tina:




Tina is a contemporary Romance Author from Minnesota where she was born and raised and still resides with her wonderful husband, two girls and two crazy boxer dogs. Tina ran her own photography business for eight years before finally deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an author and she hasn’t regretted that decision for a single second since. Tina’s a romance junkie with a love for food, wine, fitness, nutrition, photography, music, boating on Lake Minnetonka, cross-country skiing and anything that inspires her or makes her laugh. Her first novel It Will Always Be You launched on October 26, 2014 and I’m currently working on book two of three of my You Series. Book #1 can be read as a stand-alone however. To learn more about Tina visit

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