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So I’ve been seeing talk around Twitter for the last few weeks or so about a show called The 100. Being slow and uncool about everything, I didn’t think much of it. But then I kept hearing about it. And apparently people are in love with someone named Bellamy on the show? And they ship Bellarke? I don’t know, I didn’t even know how to pronounce that. But it’s definitely interesting, I enjoyed following along and hearing people talk about it. But still, didn’t really think about watching.

But then last night I was looking through Netflix and noticed season one of The 100 was there! It’s been kind of a crappy week here, honestly. My kid has been sick and missed the whole week of school and I’ve accomplished nothing, except some reading. So I was looking for something that would just entertain me. After hearing so much about it, I couldn’t pass up The 100. Even if it was terrible, at least my husband and I could have fun making fun of it. Of course, in the end, we watched two episodes and actually kind of enjoyed it!

First Impressions {Show}

We went into The 100 without knowing much about it, him even less than me. The first episode was pretty good. It had a great set up, letting us know why people weren’t living on earth (though I think I missed the explanation for how they escaped Earth and ended up in space), showed us a bit of what life was like on the space station (don’t remember if they call it something specific?), and we got a pretty good sampling of the personalities that the show would focus on. I see a couple of interesting relationships starting and I’m really, really interested in the grounders and when they’ll start to be a real threat. Also, did they really think it was a good idea to send a bunch of teenage criminals to a place that hasn’t been safe to live on for almost 100 years? Did they really think they wouldn’t kill each other? Any why did they send nothing helpful with them? I realize they are also trying to survive on the ship and they don’t know if any of the kids will even live at all once the pod opens but still, maybe a couple of granola bars and a compass or something? Yikes. I’m definitely not a fan of the adults in charge of the spaceship.

First Impressions {Characters}

{The Teens}

Clarke: I kind of like her. I get why she’s the main character. Her back story with her dad is interesting. She hasn’t really done much except explore Earth and draw some pictures. I hope she’ll have more to contribute than just kind of bossing people around. I like her attitude of not caring what the others are doing and doing what she knows needs to happen if they want to survive. I wonder how long it will be until she’s actually in charge. Although she’s female so I guess that’s probably not likely to happen. Bellamy will probably always be in charge with Clarke as his adviser or something.
Bellamy: So he’s kind of suppose to be the bad guy, right? My idea of him is a bit skewed knowing so many people ship him and Clarke. I don’t know if they get together or if people are just hoping for that, I don’t know. My guess is they eventually do if the fans want that, but I’ve only seen two episodes, so I’m very behind on this ship. Right now, he’s just a jerk. And I keep wondering why no one is questioning his motives? He wasn’t a prisoner like the rest of them. But they’ll all just follow him anyway. I guess he is the tallest, so that makes sense.

I just hope he’ll jump that John guy soon and be the leader we can all see he wants to be. If that happens, then I can definitely see the appeal of Bellarke.
Octavia: Ok, obviously she’s annoying. How many more times in the show is she going to tell us that she was locked up because she was born? I hope it’s a ton more because I don’t think it’ll get old. Also, who does she like? That Atom kid or that Jasper kid? Maybe no one. I don’t know. Don’t really know much about her yet except that she loves the idea of being a rebel and outrageous. I did think she was going to get herself killed in the water. Don’t people know not to go in the water?! But she came out with only a scratch, so that was lucky for her. Hopefully, she’ll develop more as the show goes on.
Finn: This is another one that I’m a bit confused over after seeing everybody’s tweets. It’s clear he likes Clarke. And she doesn’t mind him so much. And if I didn’t know anything, I’d assume that they’d be together within the next few episodes. Or that they’d just continue to build the tension between them for a while. I do like him. He seems aware of how things are on the ground with Bellamy trying to lead the kids without making rules except there are rules but it’s chaos and he knows that’s stupid. And he’s willing to be the one who doesn’t exactly follow along. Hopefully he’ll make an impact on more than just Clarke. I did love how he saved her that time from Bellamy. But they also hinted at a love-triangle involving him and that I do not like.

Jasper and Monty: Perhaps they should get their own paragraphs, I don’t know. But they aren’t, not yet. I loved how brave Jasper was and I don’t even care if they only reason he stepped up was because he wanted to impress Octavia. It was cute. And how he saved her. And I was sad about what happened with him. What’s going to happen now? I hope he’ll be on the show for a while. And is Monty really the smart, engineer, one-we-need-for-your-brains character? Really? I’m not going to say it but really? I did like his moment with Octavia. I’m guessing he finds a way to communicate with the ship right before their 10 days is up. I like their friendship.
John: That guy’s just a douche. Seriously. How long until someone kills him? I hope it’s not long.

{The Adults}

Chancellor Jaha: We don’t see much of him in the first episode and know only that he has been shot and that the doctor breaks the rules to save him. In the next episode we see more and so far I like what he’s contributed. He wants humans to survive but he’s not willing to kill prematurely if he doesn’t have to to save the rest. He believes in hope. He’s sad about his son. He’s giving them a chance. And he’s fighting for what he wants to believe. I hope he doesn’t let me down. (He’s played by that guy that used to be on Grey’s Anatomy!)
Dr. Griffin: I like her. I like how she saved her daughter. I like that she has hope. I like that she saved the Chancellor even though she shouldn’t have. I like that she’s willing to fight that Kane guy. I hate that guy.
Councillor Kane: So he’s the douche on the space station. I knew we’d have to have one here too. I liked him better on Scandal.
Raven: We meet her only briefly but I’m excited to see more of her. I like that she’s smart. I don’t like that she’s part of the love-triangle that I think is coming up.

I’m Hooked

I really can’t wait to see where this show goes. I’m definitely hooked. For now. I’m also aware that for now the show is airing on Wednesdays so I try to stay away from Twitter on those evenings. There is so much talk about this show right now, it’s crazy! But also really exciting.

Watching the first show after it’s been on but is still airing is also kind of hard. I realize the show has been on so I know there are going to be spoilers, but everyone else’s ideas are kind of influencing how I’m watching the show. I know people like Bellamy and Clarke together and it’s giving me LoVe flashbacks. When I started watching Veronica Mars I hated Logan more than anyone else on the show and couldn’t figure out how people could actually like him. Then that one scene came that changed my mind and I saw it. Now I’m just waiting for that one scene to change my mind about Bellamy and Clarke. For now, I’m shipping Finn and Clarke. But I know that will change with everything that’s going on with Raven.

Also, while we were watching for the first time, we kept say, “Hey, it’s that guy from that thing!”. I had no idea we would recognize so many people on this show. I love the CW. They have the best shows. I hope The 100 continues to be interesting and fun. Because we’ll definitely keep watching. Even if this is one I need to make my husband watch instead of one he actually enjoys. (Like The Vampire Diaries, but don’t tell him I told you he likes that show.)

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  1. Having watched the show on a weekly basis, I really enjoyed reading your first impressions of all of the characters since I know what is going on and who has done what. It’s a really great show and it just keeps getting better so I’m sure you’ll continue to like it. Also, thought you might like to know that the show is based off a book series by Kass Morgan. The first book is called The 100, the second book is The 100: Day 21 and the third book (which comes out on Feb. 24) is called Homecoming. I haven’t read them yet, but I hope to soon.
    Stacey Brucale recently posted..Red Queen ReviewMy Profile

  2. I started watching this not long ago on Netflix too!! LOL to you saying they follow Bellamy bc he’s the tallest (it’s totally true!). Anyway I only watched like 6 or 7 episodes, but I don’t like Bellamy. I don’t think he’s cute and I don’t like the way he acts. I think Finn is adorable… and of course stuff happens that’s supposed to make me not like him, but I still kind of do. I haven’t decided if I’m going to continue w/ the show… I mean the acting is kind of really bad. And I don’t love Clarke and she’s the m/c so how would that work?? also if there were 2 headed deer and clouds of green toxic radiation gas, there’s no way humans could survive. .. I need more believe-ability.
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  3. I caught one episode of the show on TV, and it had already started when I zapped onto it. I quite liked it, even though I was of course really confused from having seen only the ending half of an episode in the middle of season 1, so I looked it up on Netflix and started watching from the beginning. I fell off. I didn’t like it very much.
    Glad to hear you enjoy it, though!
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  4. hi! 😀
    I just started watching this show a couple of days ago and i’m pretty hooked!

    I love Clarke and I used to hate Bellamy but not so much. I knew everyone was team Bellarke and I wondered how on earth that was possible, since I shipped her with Finn. But there is a kind of love triangle going on and I don’t like it.
    Also.. Bellamy is not so bad. i might be starting to understand why people ship him and Clarke 😛
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